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It would be verging on cliché to talk about the “armies” of sound personnel marching into battle and employing true teamwork to accomplish the mission of this June 28 release. But the truth is it was an enormous team effort, beginning with Hallberg sitting down with his crew for each reel and soliciting input, right on through to the premix and final at Sony (see sidebar, “Big Movie, Tight Schedule”).

Keeping the re-recording team happy and moving forward were recordists Dan Sharp, left, and Fred Peck III.

“Everybody’s part of the process in coming up with ideas,” Hallberg says. “My team will take my ideas a little bit higher, and then we take it to the dub stage and Kevin and Greg can see the intent and take it one step further. That’s why the end result is better than you could ever do on your own.”

On the eve of the final mix, after three weeks of premixing, O’Connell and Russell finally left the Cary Grant Theatre at about 8 o’clock after laying out the Harrison MPC for the final. “I can’t wait for tomorrow,” O’Connell says. “This is where the real magic happens. I’ve got John Williams in my left hand and Mel Gibson in my right. It’s going to be an awesome experience.”

Tom Kenny is managing editor of Mix.

The Patriot Sound Crew
The re-recording, Foley and scoring took place at Sony Pictures Studios
Re-Recording Mixers: Kevin O’Connell, Greg P. Russell
Additional Re-Recording: Greg Orloff, Chris Carpenter, Sergio Reyes, Steve Maslow
Re-Recordists: Dan Sharp, Fred W. Peck III, Tom Burns
Cary Grant Theatre Stage Engineer: Hanson Hsu
Foley Artists: Gary Hecker, Matt Dettmann
Foley Mixer: Richard Duarte
Music By: John Williams
Scoring Engineer: Shawn Murphy
Editorial Services by Soundelux and Sony Pictures
Supervising Sound Editor: Per Hallberg
First Assistant Sound Editor: Karen M. Baker
Sound Effects Editors: Christopher Assells, Dino R. DiMuro, M.P.S.E., Dan Hegeman, M.P.S.E., Randy Kelly, Harry Cohen, M.P.S.E., Scott Sanders, M.P.S.E., David Baldwin, Peter Staubli
Supervising ADR Editor: Chris Jargo
ADR Editors: Michelle Perrone, Laura Graham, Michelle Pazer
Dialog Editors: Lauren Stephens, M.P.S.E., David A Cohen
Supervising Foley Editor: Craig Jaeger
Foley Editors: Lou Kleinman, Paul Jyrala, M.P.S.E.
Assistant Sound Editors: Philip D. Morrill, Drake Jenevein, Bob Bowman, Tony R. Negrete, M.P.S.E., Lee W. LeBaigue, Christopher Winter, Janelle Showalter
Production Sound Mixer: Lee Orloff
Boom Operator: Knox White
Assistant Boom Operator: David Acord

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