11/11 Productions' Riad Galayini's Short Film, Nude Descending, Exposed on ReelShort.com


NEW YORK, NY August 24 Riad Galayini, one half of Los Angeles-based production company 11/11 Productions' newest directing team, has been raising eyebrows on the Internet and in Hollywood with a clever and eloquently realized short film. Nude Descending made its Internet debut on reelshort.com after Galayini submitted it for a competition sponsored by Universal Studios and American Cinematheque. After being selected as one of five finalists in a vote by online viewers, the film was chosen as one of two American films honored at the 2nd Annual Universal Studios Hitchcock Director's Series at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood last month.

Nude Descending has also been accepted into the Summer Shorts Film Festival sponsored by Playboy and was screened the Director's Guild Theatre in NY on August 23.

Nude Descending examines male anxieties about body image and nudity through the humorously panicked thoughts of a first-time nude model posing for a drawing class. Inspired by a monologue by Los Angeles playwright James Morrison, the film also touches on issues of censorship and obscenity, as well as the subjective nature of art. Morrison served as the film's executive producer.

"Artistic freedom is very important to me, and it was nice to be able to touch on these issues in a comic setting," said Galayini.

11/11 Productions signed Galayini and Josh Hayes, her commercial directing partner, in April based on the strength of the film as well as their comedic spec reel. The duo first met while working on "Nude Descending" (Hayes served as the film's storyboard artist). Ironically, Nude Descending also won the first George Melies Cinematography Award at the 1998 Taos Talking Pictures Festival. It was with the prize of equipment and film stock that the directing team shoot their commercial spec reel.

11/11 Productions is represented in New York by Corey Rogers; in Chicago by Val Gobos of Gobos Film & Entertainment; and on the West Coast by John Moore of Char & Associates.

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