TrendWatch Fast Fact: What Will They Buy at Siggraph?
TrendWatch 2003 top ten investment categories for U.S. studios/facilities

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MILL VALLEY, Calif. (Jul. 22, 2003) -- TrendWatch logoIn this weekly quick feature, TrendWatch founding partner Jim Whittington offers you interesting factoids based on market research from the broadcast and graphics industry. This week, Jim tells you what U.S studios are planning to buy this year. Also, in a bonus Fast Fact, take a look at the percentage of TV stations looking into character generation software purchases.

Here's our pre-Siggraph top ten list of planned investment categories for all U.S. studios/facilities: (Have budgeted for & plan to buy one or more)
  • 60% plan to buy workstations
  • 49% plan to buy video editing software
  • 44% plan to buy DVD writer/burners
  • 43% plan to buy DVD authoring software
  • 40% plan to buy studio equipment
  • 38% plan to buy music/audio software
  • 34% plan to buy color printers/proofers
  • 33% plan to buy digital video cameras
  • 31% plan to buy stock audio/music
  • 28% plan to buy desktop compositing software

    --Excerpted from the TrendWatch Visual Effects/Dynamic Media Report – Issue #2, February 2003

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    Bonus Fast Fact: Stations Buying Character Generation Software
    CG is alive and well with station buyers

    13% of broadcast stations and 16% of cable stations plan to buy character generation software in 2003.

    Why should you care?
    This category is just a piece of the puzzle. Here’s more food for thought … 28% of stations planning to buy digital video editing systems also plan to buy character generation software as do 25% of camcorder buyers. And 23% of stations offering HD programming plan this investment.

    ---- Excerpted from TrendWatch TV/Broadcast Report – Issue #2 – Winter 2003

    These market facts are based on original TrendWatch market research with executives and business owners in the TV/Broadcast and visual effects industries. You can reach the TrendWatch Partners, Jim Whittington and Dr. Joseph Webb via e-mail at [email protected], or visit the company's Web site at

    Source: TrendWatch Inc.

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