3DBOXX R1 Athlon MP 1800+ 1.53 GHz Workstation Review
Part 1
by Paulo de Andrade

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BOXX Technologies has quickly become a top choice for animation and production studios when it comes to high-performance, high-bandwidth Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Linux based hardware solutions. Their products focus exclusively on the digital content creation market, primarily in the areas of HDTV, digital film, visual Effects, 3D, game development, and postproduction.

What makes a company so successful in the extremely competitive computer market? Above average performance, custom designs, attractive prices and great service are just a few reasons. When a business depends on computers, they want the most reliable machines they can get. And, in case anything goes wrong, they want to be able to solve it with a single phone call. Because BOXX understands the digital content creation market, they have been successfully meeting their needs and became a trusted and important supplier. [an error occurred while processing this directive] BOXX's line of products consists of the following:

3DBOXX: 3D workstations featuring Open-GL graphics and dual Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon .

RenderBOXX: Scalable rendering systems featuring Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon processors. Optional Juggler render management software actively seeks rendering jobs and distributes them across multi-processor render farm configurations for optimal performance.

HDBOXX: Windows 2000 based system for uncompressed high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) editing and compositing.

CineBOXX: The first Windows 2000 based system for uncompressed 2K digital film, HD and video playback and review with 24-bit color depth.

ServerBOXX: Powered by the latest processors from Intel and AMD running Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Linux, ServerBOXX integrates directly into existing architecture.

RAIDBOXX: High-capacity, high-speed, and high-performance storage system for digital content creation. Available in FIBRE Channel and Ultra 160 SCSI configurations, stores content on 10 independent 18-, 36-, 73- or 181GB drives.

Plenty of room for expansion inside.
The system reviewed here is the brand new 3DBOXX R1 Athlon MP 1800+, featuring dual 1.53GHz processors. It's optimized for the most demanding 3D programs such as Softimage XSI, Maya, Houdini, Lightwave and Max, and it came with equipped with an nVidia ELSA Gloria DCC video card with 64 MB of RAM.
The system also came with 1 gigabyte of DDR RAM and a 20 GB Quantum Fireball hard drive.

Inside the box there are five empty PCI slots and room for 5 3.5" drives in addition to the floppy and the included hard drive, plus one 5.25" drive in addition to the CD-ROM. All of the necessary components, such as the dual network interface adapters, are built into the motherboard freeing up all of the PCI slots for future expansion.

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