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ST. ROSE, LA.-(Jan. 26, 2001 ) Digimation announces the immediate availability of Phoenix 1.5, an upgrade to Phoenix, the fire simulation plug-in for 3ds max developed by the Chaos Group and distributed by Digimation.

Phoenix was developed for simulating real fire and it allows 3ds max objects to appear as if they are engulfed in flames. By simply choosing any object or particle system as the emitter, Phoenix has the ability to wrap it in a complete volumetric flame. Phoenix allows full control of the colors, lights, transparency, and the shape of the flames. The fire results will stun you in both realism as well as overall control.

"Phoenix Rocks! It now allows you to have multiple emitters for one atmospheric and comes with it's own automatic light. More speed and many improvements make this a must have for all those pyromaniacs out there!"according to Tom Mitchell, Digimation Beta Tester and owner of the Deck Company.

Phoenix 1.5 adds a few new features that will enhance end results. They include:

-Reworked Atmospheric dialog box - Phoenix now supports multiple emitters, gizmos, etc from the same atmospheric entry.
-Deflector objects - Deflector objects can now be picked and not have to be a part of the emitter. This means you can use just about any object in your scene to deflect flames.
-Improved Flame Color Controls - The flame color controls now support position numbering so it’s easy to see where you're working in the color of the flame.
-Phoenix Lights - This new light type enables Phoenix flames to become light emitting objects so you can create realistic lighting situations for your fires or flames.
-Phoenix Render Effect - This render effect enables Phoenix to work with other plug-ins and effects by properly copying G-Buffer data such as Material Effects IDs and Coverage channels into your scene.
-Phoenix Fractal Map - This is a simple procedural map that enables you to create simple small flammable objects using texture maps that render much more quickly than full atmospheric objects.
-Randomization of Flames - If you have multiple emitters attached to the same Phoenix Atmospheric, you can now randomize the fractals for the emitters so they don't look exactly the same.

“Enhanced control over features and effects make Phoenix 1.5 an even better solution for creating realistic flame or fire results,” adds Beau Perschall, vice-president R&D at Digimation. More information about Phoenix 1.5 can be found at

Pricing and Availability
Phoenix 1.5 is available for $395. For authorized owners of Phoenix, an upgrade patch is available for only $50 by calling Digimation. Registered owners of 3ds max can order Phoenix 1.5 directly from Digimation at or an authorized 3ds max resellers found at

About Digimation
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